The hottest North Futures Crude Oil High was frust

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Northern Futures: crude oil hit a high and broke the average for the first time in the month.

NYMEX crude oil fell sharply on Tuesday, and the market was worried about the decline in demand. In addition, the decline in the stock market and the expected increase in gasoline inventories also aggravated the decline. Today, the main contract of Shanghai oil company fu0805 fell sharply in the morning. 1. The number and internal size of the lower ring, connecting ring and intermediate ring should ensure that each ring can rotate flexibly. There was a technical rebound within the day, but the popularity performance was weak. Singapore 180CST fuel oil prices have weakened under the pressure of Western cargo supply, and the current spot price difference remains at a small discount. Crude oil in New York is still volatile at the $100 level. Due to the signs of stabilization after the US dollar exchange rate fell for days, commodities that had risen too sharply have generally suffered from profit pressure. In terms of time, today is just the key period for the OPEC meeting resolution and EIA inventory release, while the situation in South America still has many uncertainties, and the risk of fluctuations in night crude oil is still great. Technically, New York crude oil fell below the 5-10 average support for the first time since early February. If it cannot be withdrawn in the short term, it may turn into resistance. Huyou will participate or wait and see in the short term

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