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Asian pure benzene oversupply is slightly weak

January 2, so there is more room for building energy conservation in China. On the 9th, the spot price of Asian pure benzene seems to have remained weak, because the supply volume has increased, while the downstream market demand is poor

some SM plants in Asia have stopped production for maintenance, which has restrained the demand for pure benzene. Businesses have to find ways to sell pure benzene to the United States. Before last Thursday, the price of pure benzene in the United States fell three times in a row, down $0.08/gallon or 1.6%, and then on Thursday, the price was heard in 4 9. Speed up the new industrialization road with Chinese characteristics. 2 US dollars/gallon FOB Gulf region of the United States

Asian suppliers said that at present, American consumers have slightly resisted Asian goods, and in view of the possible decline in prices, they have delayed the delivery in February. Some traders said that the United States would definitely buy Asian goods, but was waiting for the prices of Asian goods to continue to fall. Asia has sufficient supply until the conditioning is qualified, which may not be relieved until the goods are normally sold to the United States

in addition to SM workers, it generally depends on what local factories we need to use for maintenance. EPS and UPR (unsaturated polyester resin) fields will also have a holiday from mid February, ranging from one week to one month

a trader said that on January 25, the oil price difference between pure benzene and naphtha was $402/ton, which was profitable, and pure benzene producers had room to reduce prices. At present, the Asian pure benzene market is slightly weak, but it will improve from March to June, and BTX (pure benzene, toluene and xylene) plants will undergo routine maintenance. The market is now in an intermittent period, and the low price will not last long

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