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Beijing Glass Co., Ltd. and Haitong Jihe set up an industrial M & A fund

Beijing Glass Co., Ltd. (002613) announced on the evening of September 15 that the company and Haitong Jihe Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haitong Jihe") plan to jointly initiate and establish an industrial fund to serve the company's industrial integration and M & A, And promote the industry fund to acquire or participate in the glass technology industry or related target enterprises that meet the strategic needs of the company's development as described in the report, consolidate and improve the company's leading position in the industry by means of industrial integration, M & A and reorganization, and expand the company's strength with the help of Haitong Jihe and other professional institutions, so as to realize effective market value management and the appreciation of the interests of all shareholders

the target scale of the industry fund is 500million yuan, and the operation period is three years. Among them, as the limited partner of the industrial fund, North Glass Co., Ltd. plans to contribute 40million yuan, Haitong Jihe, as the general partner and fund manager of the industrial fund, plans to contribute 10million yuan, and Haitong Jihe is mainly responsible for raising the rest. The industrial fund that affects the effectiveness of work takes high-tech glass equipment and materials and enterprise projects in related fields as the main investment direction, and has achieved the actual control right of the target company as the main goal

it is reported that Haitong Jihe is an equity investment fund management company (holding subsidiary) under Haitong Securities (600837). Haitong Jihe currently manages a total fund size of 5billion yuan, with the first phase of 1billion yuan. It focuses on strategic emerging industries, including but not limited to: modern agricultural industry, energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, new energy vehicles and other strategic emerging industries

North glass (002613) said that this investment is to prepare for future high-quality mergers and acquisitions. By initiating and guiding social funds to participate in Haitong North glass industry fund, carrying out professional screening and due diligence of the target projects, and with the help of mature M & a market financial instruments, the professional team carried out the training and improvement of the advanced acquisition and management level. It is most expected that 201 material will eventually be used for the injection molding of flame retardant shell components. During 2019, it will eventually meet the needs of M & a extension expansion of listed companies, and the risk can be minimized, Better protect the interests of shareholders of listed companies and fund partners

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