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North China logging acoustic imaging logging tool has the industrialization ability

closely follow the development trend of international acoustic instruments, give full play to its own advantages, and actively carry out technical research, so that the R & D and manufacturing of acoustic instruments in North China Business Department of CNPC logging company has the industrialization ability. From the beginning of last year to the end of February this year, the Division has completed a total of 4 scientific research projects on acoustic instruments, producing and manufacturing 10 high-performance ultrasonic imaging logging tools and 20 multipole array acoustic logging tools, with a total of 10 wells, reaching the technical level of similar instruments abroad

acoustic logging is a logging method to study the characteristics of formation and borehole itself by using the acoustic propagation characteristics in the borehole. Imaging logging can detect the flow in the well in real time, obtain the two-dimensional or three-dimensional distribution information of multiphase fluid, and give the phase distribution profile through processing, so as to realize the identification of the above information type to be detected and determine the phase holdup and phase velocity, Thus, it provides accurate and reliable basis for the evaluation of production conditions of various oil wells and the analysis of reservoir performance. Acoustic imaging logging, which integrates two technologies, is currently the world's leading logging technology. For a long time, such instruments mainly rely on foreign imports, which are not only expensive, but also vulnerable to the technological monopoly of foreign companies. In recent years, based on technological innovation, North China Business Division has made efforts to develop and produce advanced acoustic imaging logging tools with independent intellectual property rights by giving full play to the talent and technological advantages accumulated for many years

North China business division organizes a special research and development technology team to fully absorb and utilize the advanced technological achievements at home and abroad to carry out the research and development of acoustic imaging series logging instruments; In order to break through the bottleneck, we actively participated in the research of two scientific research projects of the National 863 plan, "azimuth acoustic imaging logging technology" and "key technology of acoustic while drilling", and completed the research tasks of four scientific research projects of the group company, "high performance ultrasonic imaging logging tool" and "field test of multipole array acoustic logging tool"

the key point of multipole array acoustic logging tool is dipole acoustic transducer. At the beginning of the test, the metal coating on the surface of the transducer fell off. The R & D personnel worked hard on the structure, parameters and assembly process of the instrument. Through a large number of basic tests, they developed reliable dipole transmitting transducers, quadrupole transmitting transducers, monopole transmitting transducers and multipole receiving transducers. The acoustic transducers met the design requirements and technical standards. Using the multipole array acoustic logging tool manufactured by the division, high-quality data are obtained. The high-performance ultrasonic imaging logging tool developed and produced by this division hopes to help you! After the machine passed the acceptance, it logged 4 wells in Uzbekistan and obtained high-quality data. At present, both instruments have industrialized production capacity

at the same time, North China Business Division also strives to undertake the production and manufacturing tasks of some downhole instruments and supporting tools of EILog complete equipment and some sporadic equipment. Last year, a total of 499 logging instruments and 797 supporting tools were produced and manufactured, and the ex factory qualification rate of products was 100%. This provides a strong technical support for the use and development trend of spring tension and compression testing machines with medium and small loads to improve the operating capacity of EILog logging equipment

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