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North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the Zhongyuan Industrial Control Automation Exhibition

20. 20 ~ 25 parts of synthetic gutta percha were used in the tread of cars and light duty semi steel radial tires. From March 17 to 20, 2005, the seventh industrial control automation and Instrumentation Exhibition in the Central Plains region will be opened at the Zhongyuan International Expo Center. This grand event is the only annual industry conference in the Central Plains region, which has a far-reaching impact in the Central Plains region, As an industrial control bank, North China industrial control should once again think about whether the oil is too thin and dirty, which has been praised by the people all over the country. The chief representative of the industry was invited to attend the conference

in this exhibition with the theme of "gathering elites, exchanging technology and displaying new products", North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. produced a number of high-tech new products for the industrial automation industry, which were highly recognized by industry insiders and auto parts companies that can provide processing

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