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Production technology of soft packed sweet corn cob cans

Sweet Corn originated in the United States and is a major vegetable crop in the world. Sweet corn seeds have the highest sugar content during milk ripening, so it is called "fruit corn". It is rich in vitamins, free amino acids and minerals. The peel is also the most tender, sweet and delicious, and rich in nutrition. It is regarded as a delicious food in vegetables by Westerners. At present, there are two types of sweet corn: ordinary sweet corn and super sweet corn, and each type has many varieties. Sweet corn, with thin grain skin, contains about 12% - 15% sugar in endosperm at milk ripening stage, which is mainly used as raw material for processing. In the promotion of planting technology in our province, due to insufficient publicity, people's understanding needs to be improved, and the planting scale is small, so the annual planting amount is very small. Consumers only know that in the sweet corn harvest season, few people buy a small amount of fresh sticks in the market with a sense of freshness,. We believe that planting and processing sweet corn and special corn will set off a climax in the near future. This paper introduces the production and processing of soft packed sweet corn cob cans, which is different from quick-frozen and canned products. It is suitable for enterprises to produce and develop the traditional and emerging industry of special corn

1 process flow

raw material acceptance → shelling and ear removal → pre cooking → rinsing → finishing → bagging → sealing → sterilization → cooling → drying → finished product

2 operating points

2.1 raw material acceptance sweet corn raw materials require full grains and milky corn with light yellow to golden yellow color. This study is allowed to take the electro-hydraulic high-frequency fatigue testing machine as the object, with 3 ~ 4 bracts. Yes, there are pests and flowers 3 According to the experimental method of impact testing machine, corn with spots, which is severely threshed and can also be assembled into tissue engineering scaffolds, shall not be put into production

2.2 peel off the corn leaves and remove all the corn whiskers

2.3 pre boil in an underwater pot for 10 ~ 15min, subject to thorough boiling. Add 0.1% citric acid and 1% salt to the pre boiling water. After precooking, rinse with flowing water for 10min

2.4 finishing cut off both ends of the corn cob, and the length of each stick is basically the same, controlled at 16 ~ 18cm. Corn cobs can be made into soft packed corn kernels by cutting off the two ends and shaving. The production technology is the same as that of soft packed corn cobs

2.5 bag according to two rods with basically the same length and thickness

2.6 seal under 0.08 ~ 0.09mpa

2.7 sterilization and cooling sterilization formula 10 '- 20'/121 ℃ × 2kg/cm2。 The moisture in the bag will expand when heated. In order to prevent the bag from breaking, back pressure sterilization should be adopted, and the pressure should reach 2kg/cm2. Keep the pressure stable during cooling until it reaches 40 ℃

2.8 dry and sterilize. There is water outside the bag after cooling. Wipe it manually or dry it with hot air to avoid microbial reproduction outside the bag and affect the appearance quality

2.9 finished product packaging in order to avoid the damage of soft packaged finished products in the process of storage, transportation and sales, the outer packaging of soft packaging must be carried out. Paper bags or polyethylene plastic bags can be used, and then cartons can be packed

3 discussion on finished products

3.1 soft packed corn cobs are a kind of nutritious and portable convenience food, which not only meets the habit of consumers eating corn cobs, but also meets the annual supply, with a shelf life of one year

3.2 the harvest time of raw materials has a great relationship with the quality of corn kernels, such as early harvest, low yield, poor color, thin milk, and high raw material consumption; It is harvested too late, the raw materials are older, the starch content of corn kernels is high, the flavor is poor, the milk is thick, and the food has a sense of cortex. Generally, the harvest time is 16 ~ 20d after pollination. Considering the benefits of both planting and processing, it is ideal to harvest at 19d and 20d after pollination

3.3 post harvest treatment and processing speed sweet corn has a short life after harvest, which is mainly caused by the transformation of sugar by enzymes, especially the loss of its unique sweetness caused by the conversion of sucrose into starch, resulting in the change of tenderness. Temperature and time play an important external role. Therefore, we should choose a lower temperature in the morning during harvest, transport in time, and precooling in time after harvest. If the processing speed can't keep up, send it to the cold storage in time, and store it in 4. " Ernst Siebert repeatedly emphasized that 4 ℃ can last for 3 ~ 5D. The optimum storage conditions of sweet corn are 0 ~ 1.7 ℃ and 90 ~ 95% relative humidity, which can be stored for 7 ~ 10 days. During processing, the production process must be shortened as much as possible, generally not more than 2 ~ 3D, to ensure the quality of finished products

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