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Nail box production process and its quality control (I)

nail box is the last production process of carton molding. Its process effect affects the appearance quality of cartons on the one hand, and the use performance of cartons on the other hand. From the perspective of production technology, nail box seems to be a relatively simple process. However, some quality problems are inevitably exposed in daily production. Therefore, the technology and quality control of nailing box process cannot be ignored. We should pay attention to the careful check and control from the aspects of equipment purchase, operation technology, material selection, etc., so as to better prevent or reduce the chance of quality problems

understanding and selection principles of nailing equipment

with the continuous development of the packaging market, customers pay more and more attention to the appearance requirements of corrugated boxes in terms of product packaging. In addition to requiring uniform ink color, clear impression and bright colors in the printing of the layout, nailing saws must be neat and beautiful in terms of carton forming. Due to the demand of the market, all kinds of automatic and semi-automatic nail box machines are also emerging and liked by users. Judging from the various nailing equipment displayed at the carton equipment exhibition in recent years, their structures are basically similar. However, the use effect is different. In fact, different styles, different models and even the same model, due to the performance, structure, manufacturing technology or manufacturing accuracy of the machine - 8.1 the product identification information should be clear and true, and there are certain differences in the quality effect of the nail box. Compared with the manual nail box adjusting the height of the upper collet to adapt to various fatigue experimental material machines with different lengths, the fully automatic and semi self built gas sensor with repeated cyclic response not only has high production efficiency, but also the nail distance of the nail box is uniform and beautiful. The difference between the full-automatic nailing machine and the semi-automatic nailing machine is that the corrugated cardboard is automatically fed. The paper feeding mechanism folds the cardboard and sends it to the nailing box for nailing, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity during operation. The semi-automatic nailing machine folds the cardboard manually and sends it to the head nailing box, which is relatively labor-intensive. Semi automatic carton nailing machine is generally of horizontal structure, which is divided into two types: one-piece and two-piece. Among them, one-piece carton nailing machine can only be limited to cartons formed by order pieces, while the two-piece carton nailing machine is more complex in structure and has complete functions, which can order both one-piece cartons and two-piece cartons. Therefore, when choosing nail box machine, we must consider the product structure, production characteristics and long-term development trend according to the actual situation of the factory. Generally speaking, high-speed automatic carton nailing machine should be selected for long-term products and cartons with relatively fixed specifications; For cartons with both single and double sheet forming, semi-automatic double sheet nailing machine should be selected; If the production scale of the factory is relatively large, and there are many and miscellaneous varieties, you can consider purchasing several full-automatic and semi-automatic nailing machines of different models, so as to have more flexibility and complementarity in production scheduling and better meet production requirements

understanding of some style characteristics and performance of the carton nailing machine

xjd-24 semi-automatic carton nailing machine (double sheet)

this machine can order both sheet shaped cartons and double sheet shaped and irregular cartons. It can also order cartons with bottom and no cover, and is suitable for ordering large cartons. The machine adopts full electric control, and the nail box is fast and labor-saving. The paper feeding part of the machine adopts automatic counting, and the finished products are sent out and bundled. When the carton specifications are switched, the adjustment can be completed in only two or three minutes, which is convenient and fast in operation. At the same time, the machine can also order nails, double nails and reinforcing nails, which has strong flexibility. The machine adopts computer setting to automatically adjust the nail distance, and the computer screen can also display fault prompts to facilitate rapid troubleshooting, which is unmatched by the performance of ordinary nail box machines

hj-da automatic nail box machine

the machine adopts Mitsubishi PLC control system and magnetic particle brake; Taiwan electromagnetic clutch, contactor; The head setting blade and bottom mold are made of wear-resistant steel. The machine has relatively superior performance. Single nail, double nail and reinforcing nail can be measured with viscometer when necessary, which can be completed at one time. The machine can order cartons with sizes of 1515 2460mm and 300 606mm. The nail distance can be adjusted arbitrarily within mm. The width of flat wire is 2.0mm, the thickness is 0.65mm, and the thickness is 0.75mm. It can order 35 layers of corrugated cardboard to meet the quality requirements of different products for nail boxes. The machine has the characteristics of convenient operation and adjustment, and can quickly realize the conversion of nail box specifications in almost one minute

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