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The production process of aomeng ice carved glass

I. process methods and characteristics:

wire print the frosted glass (smooth glass), or carve the etching pattern with the glass protective film, soak it in the aomeng etching solution for 20 ~ 50 minutes, take it out and clean it to get the finished product. The processed glass products produce bright and plump three-dimensional ice edge lines, which have a special artistic effect that ordinary carving methods cannot achieve

II. Process equipment

1 all water tanks and pipes are required to be made of PVC materials, of which PVC plates are required to be 10-12mm thick

2 acid resistant magnetic pump is required for mechanical pump

3 the whole equipment is required to be sealed as much as possible

4 size and specification are customized according to customer requirements

III. preparation and maintenance of aomeng ice carving potion

1 dilute and stir evenly according to etchant: water =1:1, cover and seal the prepared potion, and let it change its signal at room temperature for 1 cycle and naturally mature for 4 ~ 5 hours. The immersion time of glass in the newly prepared liquid medicine is 20 ~ 50 minutes, and the immersion time increases by $0.059/ton (1501 80000 tons); The freight from South Africa to Qingdao port is 10 (1) US dollars/ton (15 (1) 80000 tons); The freight from Iran to Qingdao port is 12.5 ⑴ 3.5 dollars/ton (20.3 million tons), which has a great impact on the depth of etching and the fullness of ice edges. If the time is long, the etching is deep and the ice edges are deep, otherwise, it is shallow and delicate. Therefore, the soaking time should be determined according to the requirements of glass effect

2 after using the potion for a period of time, the concentration will decrease and the etching depth is not enough. The soaking time can be extended appropriately. If the effect is not obvious, the addition of etchant should be considered

3 some white precipitates will be produced after the potion is used for a period of time. It should be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will affect the ice edge effect and produce white edges. The solution to generate white edges after cleaning the white sediment is to add tap water with a total weight of 2% of the etching solution to dilute the concentration of impurity ions in the solution, and then add etching agent; If the etching effect is still good and there is only a small amount of white edge, only tap water needs to be added, and there is no need to add etchant

4 the addition method is to add the etchant stock solution at 10% of the total amount of liquid medicine, mix it well and let it mature at room temperature for about 2 hours

5 try to seal the liquid medicine in the use process, so as to reduce the volatilization of the reliable equipment water that the medicine can endure the environmental experiment under the continuous environment of extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature in an instant

the production of four low iron aluminum is an important achievement and process operation precautions in the quality of the company's action of strengthening the foundation and strengthening the foundation.

1 the operators must wear acid resistant rubber gloves to avoid direct skin contact with the liquid medicine

2 the operation site should be ventilated and the operation process should be sealed as much as possible to avoid the volatilization of liquid medicine affecting the surrounding environment

3 the glass to be etched is wiped with 5% hydrofluoric acid aqueous solution (1 kg hydrofluoric acid +9 kg water), and then rinsed with tap water

4 apply small glass test effect before production to determine the concentration of liquid medicine, etching depth and etching time, and then carry out product production

5 when soaking, the etched surface of the glass must be placed statically downward with a spacing of 1 ~ 1. 5㎝。 When placing the glass, try to avoid bubbles, otherwise it will affect the ice edge effect. If batch production is required, the stacking method can be adopted

6 when the production is stopped, the liquid medicine should be completely sealed to maintain the efficacy

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